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Empower your Address Book
Empower your Address Book Caret enables your address book to display detailed and dynamic information about your contacts' availability, location, status information, and more. It can also update your status automatically based on a number of automatic criteria: your calendar events, your local time, whether you're in a call, your movement speed if any, etc.
Automatic Status Updates
Caret can determine whether or not you're available to take a call or respond to a text message by using the wealth of information that's available to your mobile device. A calendar event, for example, will tell your VIP contacts exactly what you're up to, and it will simply show you as unavailable for conversation to everyone else. Your local timezone is automatically shown to your contacts so they know not to call you at inopportune times. If Caret detects that you're in a vehicle your close friends and coworkers will see this; probably not a great time for texting but maybe a good chance for a phone call? If you make or answer a phone call, your contacts will see that you're not available to talk. A couple of paragraphs don't even begin to describe the cool things Caret does for you automatically.
Status controller with automatic mode. Learn more
Control your Privacy
Caret® enables you to control what any of your contacts can see about you in their address book. Control the degree of shared information by organizing your contacts into Blocked, Default, Trusted and VIP groups. You can set when and which smartphone sensor statuses to automatically share with your approved contacts.
Customize a status to share with your contacts triggered automatically once you physically arrive at a pre-set location and see which of your contacts are near you.
Smart geolocation integrated. Learn more
Free Calls
Call your Caret® contacts for free! When you receive Caret® calls, detailed caller information will display including the caller’s location, distance, weather and time zone.
Call your friends all around the world for free. Learn more
Service Market
Caret® interconnects third party devices and useful services, seamlessly integrating them with the current Caret® experience in your address book. Caret® provides a programmable Application Programming Interface (API) for easy information exchange between your business and Caret data bank. 

Would you like to launch your own Service on top of Caret® and integrate the information flow with your existing business-logic? Click here to access the Caret Web Communicator.
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Put your phone or tablet face down and Caret® automatically sets your call status to “Busy”.
Tablet Support
Caret® is optimized to work on all screen sizes, just like with your regular address book.
Easily browse through your contacts to see who uses Caret®, to whom you can make free calls, and to see who is near you.
Features Summary