Caret’s Application Programming Interface (API) lets users harness their smart device sensors and interconnect them with third party devices & applications to automate customizable status sharing services. Users can share what they are doing in one app when they are doing it via an interactive Caret status. Your status could automatically change when you start playing a game and contain a link, photo and more about that game. For more complex cross-app or sensor triggered statuses, you can order custom built solutions through Caret’s Web Communicator.

If you wish to expand the visibility & interactivity outreach of your app by enabling users to automatically display when they are using your app, connect to our API. You can also customize additional status personalization services by integrating your app’s business logic with Caret’s multiple modules.
Web Communicator Login
  • Authenticate with Facebook or Google to login
  • After granting Facebook or Google permission, enter your phone number
  • Please make sure that you select the correct country code for your phone number
  • You then receive a text message with a verification code.
Status controller with automatic mode. Learn more
Service Market

The initial screen shows the ‘Public Services’ and ‘My Services’ tabs. Public Services contain all available services that you or others created. My Services shows only the services that you created. By default, all users are subscribed to the Caret API service. The following information is currently available through Caret’s API (stay tuned for more upcoming features):

  • Your geolocation
  • All of your contacts
  • All of your mutual contacts
  • Mutual contacts between you and another number
  • Your current status and its propagation
Caret Status
Your status is an automatic display of your presence context. Caret uses your phone’s sensors to automatically deduce the context of your actions (i.e. when you silence your phone your status changes to ‘busy,’ when you travel at a certain speed your status becomes ‘traveling,’...). Gesture-based status triggers are also supported, such as automatically setting your status to a pre-defined message when you set your phone face down (prone position).Caret’s status API service lets apps define & combine status triggering rules to automatically share contextualized statuses between users. If a contact has your phone number in their address book, they automatically see your status updates.
Smart geolocation integrated. Learn more
Your services
A new era of non-intrusive advertising can thus be achieved by sharing interactive status messages when a user starts using a third party app. Use Caret’s default modules or order the customization of additional status generating triggers to meet your business needs.

If your app has access to external data sources (sensors), you can also customize Caret to deduce logical relationships between them to generate new statuses to be shared via the Caret app.

For Example: Michael likes Pizza Studio and has its number in his address book. Michael can order a pizza and can set a ‘remind me when’ my pizza is on its way notification.
Service workflow
Once you create a service, you immediately get the service keys required to access Caret’s data bank to start exchanging information and building up functionalities. While you work on your service, its status becomes ‘in Development.’ When you are ready, you can submit it for approval and the status then changes to ‘Pending.’ Caret either approves or denies it.

Approved services become ‘Private’ for you to test or use with a certain amount of users. Those services made for ‘Public’ use can be published at any time and will be available through Caret’s service marketplace for everyone to use. If you change your mind, you can revoke your published service to become ‘Private’ again. If you make any changes to your service, the ‘in Development’ status automatically sets and you will need to be approved again before becoming available to users once more.
Smart geolocation integrated. Learn more
Why are Caret services good for your business?
  • New non-intrusive advertising opportunity for marketing third party apps to reach more customers
  • Businesses (i.e. restaurants,...) can make their numbers public and publish information directly to customer address books (B2C)
  • Scalable status propagating services for your business needs that also makes use of device sensors
  • Modules can be used as additional rules to generate status messages from device status changes too
Contextualized status messages
Caret’s public APIs makes it easy to customize & share contextualized status messages that are interactive for contacts. Your contacts can click the statuses and access the content you pre-defined to share within. You can easily create a custom message like ‘I am watching this movie here’  or ‘I am playing PuzzleWinds and come join this level now’ that can be triggered automatically, semi-automatically or manually. Your Trusted and VIP contacts see your contextualized message immediately and join to watch the movie or your favorite game. You can also decide through which platform to distribute your contextualized messages. For example, you could choose to only share your status messages on Android, iOS or both. You can also define which messages link to either the App Store or Play Store.
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